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Signature Talks 

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Training new skills and speaking to engage others in new ideas is something we're passionate about at Fabric Framework. It helps us honor our core value of helping others and it is rewarding to see the difference we can make in helping others step into a better version of themselves. Our "outside of the box" strategies for learning and implementation make for a fun and unique experience.

Our signature talks include:

Speak Up! Public speaking doesn't have to be scary.

The thought of going up in front of a room full of people can be incredibly anxiety provoking. We help give you the techniques to maximize your performance and impact, turning that fear into confidence. We teach you how to connect with the audience and keep them engaged.

Suit Up! Finding your power suit.

This isn't about buying a new wardrobe. This is about making a purposeful selection of your clothing based on the day ahead. Clothing is like armor and this talk will help you find yours using little tweaks that will help you feel better in what you're wearing and carry yourself with confidence. We'll address the mental and physical aspects of dressing to be at your best, and turn your insecurities into strengths.

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