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Hollie Nadel

President & Founder
Fabric Framework can help you find your right fit.
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Hollie Nadel is an experienced HR and Recruiting professional with robust management and problem-solving skills. Trained in public speaking with a gift of reading in between the lines, Hollie is adept at translating what business owners and job applicants want into robust solutions that meet their needs.

In her youth, Hollie had a passion for art, productions and design leading her to a successful career in Costume Design and Wardrobe after graduating Cum Laude from Ithaca College with a BFA in Theatre Production Design. Hollie then transitioned into a successful career in Human Resources, Operations and Recruiting.

Hollie launched Fabric Framework because she noted a lot of mismatches and misfits in HR and Recruiting. As a former costume designer turned HR professional, Hollie has a keen eye for fit. She quickly identifies mismatches and uses her sense of design to find the right fit.

Helping others is one of Fabric Framework's core values. It is at the root of all we do. Our mission is to positively impact others.

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