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Career Coaching

Are you a candidate who is looking for their next great position in the Information Technology, Engineering, or Project Management field?

We'd love to work with you to learn what excites you and where you want to go in your career! We want to not only learn about your resume, but also the person that you are and the values that you have so we can accurately match you with the right position that has the hours that are conducive to your lifestyle, an environment where you can thrive with like-minded individuals, and be challenged to grow professionally in the areas that interest you. Our thorough screening process will help ensure that you are put in positions that give you as much independence or guidance suited to your individual preferences, as well as your responsibility levels within a team setting, whether that is managing other team members of managing yourself. 

Our career coaching services include:
  • Intake package and assessments to help us learn more about you

  • Resume support to ensure your resume represents all your great skills and experience

  • Interview preparation and practice to build your confidence

  • Dressing for Success review to ensure your look the part

  • Coaching sessions to support you throughout the process

Fabric Framework can help you find your right fit. Let's connect! Contact us today!

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